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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

First Encounters

I have been in Tokyo for almost a week now. I'm still trying to learn the little details of living. There is a tradition for everything. When I took a cab from Miyako Hotel, the doors open automatically and the seats were decorated with fragile dollies(?). The driver wore white gloves. I felt like such a dirty American when I scooted my ass and luggage across the fancy-shamancy backseat. But my teacher told me that it's a tradition for hte taxi drivers to open the doors and such. Good thing my hands were full, because I definitely would have slammed the door when I got out.

Here's a list of things that I find so Japanese:

-cell phones
So high tech, america probably won't get them until 2050. HAHA

-cell phone keychains
Not sure why EVERYONE (including grannies and business men) have ornaments attached to their phones. These Japanese accessorize like crazy!

-Packaging Products
Everything is packaged great! I have saved almost every bottle of juice that I have drank. I'm going to have to throw them out when I leave because they will collect dust if I bring them back.

They have so funky hair. Today I saw a old woman- perhaps in her 50's and she had green hair. GREEN HAIR!!

I was in the Shibya area a few days ago and noticed that every woman had such great style. They were so elegant and fashionable. But I the thing I was most impressed about was their shoes. They all wore high heels. And could walk in them well. I give them mad props

I love them. Such expressionists. I haven't spent too much around them, but I plan to. I'm going to take so many pictures of them.

- Food
Lets just say it's very very very very different. Raw Eggs!


Blogger Ros said...

YESS so i signed up for this blogging thing for the sole purpose of making comments about your blogs because now that you have one, i have another thing that will help me waste time! thanks! i hope you post often so i have something to do and so i can live vicariously. will anyone else be reading this? why do you have to have a blog? japan sounds cool, i can't believe you're there mannn. talk to you laterrrrrrrrr!

9:55 PM  
Blogger runnin_frum_da_popo said...

hey's joanne! yeah those cell key i have like 90 of them but i feel like a little kid when i put them on my phone so they're all in storage

again, i am so envious of you right now, your ass in japan while mine is stuck in smelly, old, middle of westcheter/jersey rockland county..blardh..take mad pics of the sites and the style (especially the style!) and keep me updated because i have nothing better to do this summer except being smith barney's little bitch for 2 months w/o pay....looks like i have to resort to my old ways if you know wot i mean

and is it true that people in the ginza district dress all business-y and wear really nice designer suits and look really chic and stuff? (lol not like that's my style or anything..i just think it's interesting how big of a contrast it is from, say, harajuku..i saw/read about this stuff on a website)

anyway, have fun in japan and i hope u got all ur luggage back!!!!!!!!! keep dis beech happy and update frequently..tata! hi ros! lol

10:18 PM  
Blogger Lloyd Emelle said...

and a ching chong chang to you sis...
So I know you noticed all the cool phones and mini computers they have. I am planning on getting my next fone special ordered from japan. Its prolly gonna be like $1500 with shipping, but since you are over there, if you see someone with the fone seen on this site , then take it from them by any means necessary. Those dern Japs got all the technical know-how for fones, and so they have all the hot shit b4 we get it. Thats good, cause that means that we dont have to do any product testing, but at the same time, I dont wanna die b4 the fone i want comes out. anyway, hope your having fun, and a ching chong chang and im out!


11:46 PM  

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