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Sunday, May 21, 2006

First week is over

I love the culture! I'm getting the hang of the lifestyle out here. A few days ago I walked around Minota-ku (?) to choose my block for the narrative neighborhoods and the area is so chic. I had a few ideas early in the week before I saw my block.

Some ideas:

*cell phones

I really wanted to do something related to fashion, but the district that we have to research is not really revolved around fashion as much as the other areas are. I walked towards Roppongi (area with a high population of foreigners) and stumbled upon a cute sidestreet. I didnt realize it would take me to Roppongi. I wanted to stay far from that area. But anyways, the block that I think I'm going to select is mixed with tradition and chic-ness. Its a sweet little street, busy with locals and passer-by-ers.

Things that I caught me eye on this block:

-Old and new architecture
-Pottery store
-A black man walking fast through the street
-The black man poked his head in a store and greeted some woman that was working.
-The friendly atmosphere
-A water fountain
-A statue of Luck Dong... I went back to it because I thought it said lucky dong!

I thought about what I could do with this block and realized that all my original ideas couldn't really work with it. But one idea that came to mind was the friendliness of the block. There is a language barrier and I wanted to incorporate that as well. So I thought of revolving my project around Smiles. I figured that smiles are universal. Everyone knows what a smile is and everyone can appreciate a smile. I wanted to go about taking pictures of the young, old, local, foreigners, students, workers... etc. And have them smile. But I thought that was pretty basic. The challenge is actually communicated with these people and making them understand that this is for a project. I figured that I have to take to some of the people before they let me take a picture. I was also thinking of creating something that can be passed along and shown in each picture (some sort of object that represents friendship) Perhaps purchasing a flower from the a store on the block and then photographing these strangers.

Besides the Project:

It rains a lot here. I left my umbrella and got trapped in the rain when I was on my way to the design festa. I'm a little upset that I couldnt make it to the festa, but I went a little shopping in Harajuku!!

I drank Sake for the first time. It was pretty strong for a wine. I was anticipating it to be a light wine. The funny thing is, is that they sell it in the 7-11's.

So far so good!

Oh yeah Sumo was GREAT!


Blogger Ros said...

sake bombs are awesome... so are big fat sumo wrestlers... I predict one will be your future husband!

10:31 PM  
Blogger runnin_frum_da_popo said...

how long are u staying in japan again?

god i hope temple has the japanese program during winter..because your recollections and your pics are making me want to go so bad

4:49 PM  

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