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Here I am... in TOKYO! The purpose of my blog is to document my experience and to keep track of my "Neighborhood Narrative" project. It's going to be an experience for me. New York meets Tokyo!

Monday, May 29, 2006


We went to Kyoto on Wednesday. It was a lot of fun. Kyoto is a lot more traditional than Tokyo. We visited a lot of gorgous temples and shrines. I got to see numerous amounts of National Treasures. My teacher even had special access to a nunnery(?) and we got a tour of the place where the head nun lives. The tour guide took us behind the sacred statue (I forgot what it was called). It was amazing. At night when we went back to the hotel we would all take showers and a quick soothing bath. You shower outside of the bath on a stool and than you get into the bath tube. After bath time, we put on our robes and ate dinner as a class. We sat on the floors and cooked our meats and vegetable. It was like a stew. It was very very good. The Kyoto trip was amazing!


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I like the pic of you in black all up in the camera, cute cute

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