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Here I am... in TOKYO! The purpose of my blog is to document my experience and to keep track of my "Neighborhood Narrative" project. It's going to be an experience for me. New York meets Tokyo!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Project Beginnings

I have finalized a solid my idea for my Neighborhood Narrative project. When I was walking down my block the one thing that I immediately recognized was the friendly atmosphere that it presented. Despite language barriers, a smile is familiar to everyone. My project is based around smiles and what makes people happy. I want to go to selected areas on my block and ask people to tell me what makes them happy the most (of course I would need a translater with me for some of the people that I ask). I plan on taking pictures of the person holding up a piece of paper that says what makes them happy and a close up picture of them smiling. I would like to conduct about 10 "interviews" of a range of people; store owners, teenagers, elders, foreigners, and locals. My objective is to put together a book.
1) The first picture is of the specific locations on my block

2) The second picture is of the different shots that I want to have

3)The third picture is of the layout of how i want to put the book together.

I'm not exactly sure what my audio component is going to be, but I was thinking of just recording an introduction with my voice or tape the interviews. I'm leaning more towards the introduction.


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