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Sunday, June 11, 2006


I don't like the book. I printed out a rough draft and I think it is boring. I think that the pages before the collages are boring. i have two ideas for it. The second one is a bit more intriguing. But in all I think it's boring still. I was going to add a pattern in the back but I think it will be too much with the collage next to it. Another thing I have to consider is to have a border around the collage and have it centered in the middle of the page or whether I should have it bleed off the page. I think i'll have it centered. I want to get different paper too. I feel that it is too thick. I might get some epson. I think I'll have abby help me out witht he measurements for the printing because when I tested the printing it didn't come out right. Aaah this is so frustrating because I think it is boring. I'm starting to think that the other design would have been a little more interesting.

To Do List:
~Figure out an appropriate size for book
~Buy Epson paper; matte (semi shine, but not too distracting)
~Recreate the collage with the young woman "peaceful"
~Create a collage wit Yukiko ( needs one more page in the book)
~Create a cover that is amazing!
~Finish up the audio
~Create a pocket for the cd
~Buy red fabric for the red circles

On a better note, I like the introduction page. It's interesting but I feel that the cover needs to be a whole lot better before I could be at ease with the product.

Back to the drawing board!!!


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