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Here I am... in TOKYO! The purpose of my blog is to document my experience and to keep track of my "Neighborhood Narrative" project. It's going to be an experience for me. New York meets Tokyo!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I'm overwhelmed with so much exciting life experiences. I'm loving it! Everything that comes at me I've been grabbing. Coming to Japan has defintely broaden my mindset with design. Even though I am not technically a graphic designer, this course is highly recommended for those who are as serious as I am in advertising. I was very nerous to come to this program only because of the work load and skills of others. I know that art school is a lot more demanding when it comes to work. I have a art background but the thing that made me the most worried was whether my work could compete with other students. I find that even though my work is not the best, everyone's style is so different, that my work meshs well with the program. I have put a lot into this project and my biggest expectation is that I produce something that looks professional. I haven't created anything so final(in producing my advertising) before but this class has eased my nerve when it comes to professionalizing my pieces. My expectations for the class were that it would be mind-numbingly challenging but in reality I found that I should give myself more credit. Abby has pushed me to make my book collages better. So far I feel that I am improving. The class critiques help a lot. I enjoy hearing what everyone likes and what can be improved in my works. Most of the time the comments made are related to a similar thoughts that I had had about the piece. They help me figure out problems that I oversee. Don't get me wrong, the work load is a little heavier than usual only because of the time limit. But I'm focused on my book the most. I'm on my grind!!


Blogger Ros said...

sounds like you're doing good ash! keep your head up you're gonna do great whatever you end up doing! ttysoon!

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