Ash! in Tokyo

Here I am... in TOKYO! The purpose of my blog is to document my experience and to keep track of my "Neighborhood Narrative" project. It's going to be an experience for me. New York meets Tokyo!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Project Process

So far my ideas have been pretty unestablished. I have many ideas, but they aren't flowing together right. We had a couple of critiques and I think I'm going to have to drop the idea of having the half pages. Abby said that it probably won't come out as interesting as it could. I beginning to agree with her because I'm making it too complicated and cluttered with ideas. I think I am going to keep it long but instead of having it vertical, I think I switch it to a horizontal book with spirals. I was think that it would still be a little plain. However, my collages are what caught peoples eyes. I have to montage the rest of my pictures. I think that I might add a few physical pieces to make the book more interesting. But I fear that the book won't loo as professional as it should. But we will see what happens after this week.


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